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ML@Purdue is the central club for AI/ML career growth for Purdue students. ML@Purdue supports careers in industry, research, and entrepreneurial ventures through projects and various events. The club serves to connect Purdue students to AI/ML leaders in and out of Purdue.

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TE Connect awards

  • 2021-22: 3rd Place, 1 Patent
  • 2022-23: Best Innovation Award, 2 Patents


Pac-Man Pete: An extensible framework for building AI in VEX Robotics
Collaboration Between Purdue SIGBots and ML@Purdue: Developing a Robust AI Coprocessing Framework for VEX Robotics and Achieving Full Autonomy During the 2021-2022 VRC Game, Tipping Point.

Lightning & Wildfires Research Group

Led by Professor Yuan Wang, an Official Purdue Research Group

Algo-trading Team

Placed 54/498 at CME 2022 - University Trading Challenge