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Are you fascinated by artificial intelligence, but don't know where to begin learning about it? This new series is designed to introduce AI concepts to new enthusiasts in a friendly, accessible way. Through conversations with AI research professors/students and a list of other resources we'll provide an inside look at the different subfields within AI and discuss skills needed to get started. Hopefully, you will become even more interested in AI than you are right now and grow to pursue further research opportunities.

Interviewer: Brian Song

If you are interested in helping out please reach out to aiml [at] purdue [dot] edu!


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Forestry/Agriculture/AI with Dr. Jingjing Liang

December 19, 2023

AI + Governance with Dr. Daniel Schiff

December 1, 2023

AI/Hardware/Neuroscience with Dr. Kaushik Roy

October 30, 2023

AI in Classrooms with Dr. Lindsay Hamm

September 29, 2023

Robotics + LLM with Jacob Zietek

September 23, 2023

Computer Vision with Aref Malek

September 17, 2023

AI with Dr. Eugenio Culurciello

September 16, 2023

AI Interpretibility with Jinen Setpal

September 6, 2023